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ANP Skin Accumax - for Problematic Skin

Thursday, 9 August 2012 15:41:26 Europe/London

Launching Sptember 2012 - This is THE product that we can't wait to get. A daily vitamin treatment that addresses acne and problematic skin. Do you know anyone that suffers from breakouts? Just a daily vitamin  to get real releif.


ANP Accumax Before and After

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Environ Body Roller Release

Thursday, 19 July 2012 15:02:29 Europe/London

Environ Skincare have just released the brand new Body CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) Dermaroller.

Improving lax, scarred and pigmented areas of the body is a challenge for even the best topical formulations. Now there’s a new way to enhance results and improve the overall look and feel of skin.

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ANP Skin Vitamin A Launched

Thursday, 5 July 2012 12:21:45 Europe/London

New Skin Vit A Boosts Effects of Anti-Ageing Creams Are you getting enough? The Department of Health reports that the diets of 95% of women and 89% of men contain less than the European Community recommended daily allowance of vitamin A*, a nutrient well known for its wide-ranging anti-ageing and skin normalising benefits. According to Advanced Nutrition 

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Environ Wins Again

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 16:19:43 Europe/London

Environ Wins Again!!
AVST Moisturising Toner has won ‘Best Toner’ in the Image Beauty Awards 2012. ‘This toner is brilliant at closing up pores while respecting the skin’s natural balance, but it goes a step further with ethoxydiglycol, an ingredient that increases efficacy of everything else you can use on top of it.’

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Environ Very Special Offer - While Stocks Last!!!

Thursday, 22 December 2011 15:28:55 Europe/London

Here's a deal for all of our Environ friends. While stocks last you can get your hands on the best moisturiser Dr Des has to offer at HALF PRICE (RRP) - Merry Xmas!!!!
Environ C-Quence Moisturiser Promotion This is our best ever offer! Please call 0161972 0998 for details! Are you using AVST but wanted something "extra" or have considered the C-Quence range? .... Feel your skin needs a "boost" during winter? Well we are offering you the chance to get your ...
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Parbens In Skincare

Saturday, 10 December 2011 06:56:51 Europe/London

This is a very interesting article written by Dr Des Fernandes to address parabens as an ingredient in some Environ products

Environ and Parebens


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Why is Environ so Special

Saturday, 10 December 2011 06:27:10 Europe/London


The Environ products are backed by science and every ingredientis included for a scientific reason and not just as a marketing ploy.

Environ is a cosmeceutic and not just a cosmetic as it contains manyactive ingredients.

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The Vintage Cosmetics Company

Thursday, 1 December 2011 13:38:24 Europe/London

The Vintage Cosmetic Companies exciting new range of false eyelashes are here! Buy direct from Chelleon
Find yourself back in the glamorous era of the 1950s alongside pin up girls and all things vintage.
Our stunning range of lashes will make you look totally fabulous.
With five styles to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.
The lashes are not only perfect for making you feel a million dollars, you wont be able to resist the gorgeous girly packaging either.
Go on treat yourself, you wont want to leave home without them.

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Environ Xmas Gift Box

Thursday, 1 December 2011 10:21:40 Europe/London

Amazing Value Environ X-Mas gift set (Save over £50 on RRP of individual products)
Environ Christmas Gift Box This beautifully presented winter white gift set is the perfect present for all Environ users Saving over £50 on individual prices this is the "must have" xmas offer Limited stock so grab yours while you can! Gift Set contains ONE of each of the following FULL size products, AVST Moisturiser, AVST Toner, AVST Cleansing Lotion, C-Boost, Hydrating Masque
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Stocking Fillers

Thursday, 1 December 2011 10:19:55 Europe/London

Stocking Fillers! We have the full Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Range to choose from
Buy skincare products and beauty treatments online with Chelleon. Official stockists and suppliers of Environ products, Jane Iredale, Butter London, Olivella, Angelique and Erborian Skincare, Advanced Nutrition Programme
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What the Press Says

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 14:37:01 Europe/London

Press releases for Chelleon and Environ Skincare, Jane Iredale, Erborian BB Creme

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Company Magazine - Skin that rocks for summer

Monday, 25 July 2011 14:23:33 Europe/London

Company Magazine 2011  - Beat the bumps:

There’s no cure for keratosis pilaris but products containing  alpha hydroxyl acids or vitamin A can help.  AVST Hydrating Lotion is recommended

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The Sun chooses Chelleon as your Environ Stockist

Monday, 18 July 2011 14:18:08 Europe/London

18 July 2011 - The Sun's fitness expert Nicki Waterman picks Environ RAD as her No1 Sporty Sun Protection and lists as your recommended and trusted stockist to buy Environ products from. She recommeds RAD as the best product for Cycling. RAD contains conventional sunscreens, plus a natural reflective filter and antioxidants, vitamins C, E and Beta-carotene boost protection and is sweat-resistant too.

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Environ Skin Care New Packaging

Friday, 15 July 2011 08:57:35 Europe/London

After 20 years, Environ have started to update the packaging for the majority of the products!

Updates for Environ packaging. Ensure you are getting these new products and avoid old dated stock!

All of the Environ C-Quence range has changed its look! Check out these new products on the Chelleon website and make sure that the next C-Quence product you buy is in this new packaging.

Alhpha Gel,  Alpha Cream, Super Moisturiser, Retinol 1,2,3 and Colostrum Gel have now also changed the packaging for 2011. 

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All change with Environ - New products

Friday, 15 July 2011 08:52:24 Europe/London

July 2011 - Environ Skin Care have been busy repackaging and creating fantastic new products all of which are available to buy from Chelleon today.

New in - Environ C-Quence Cleanser! The missing link from the Ionzyme range, Dr Des has formulated a truly luxurious new cleanser. We have started using it, loving it, and can't rate it highly enough! It is fantastic. Packaged in a 200ml bottle it is not much more expensive than the Interactive Cleansing Cream, but is dreamy to use, leaving our skin, clean, soft and very hydrated.

Next up is the Environ AVST Moisturising Toner. This is a replacement to the popular Alpha Hydroxy Toner Mild and has moved away from Glycolic Acid and now contains the more beneficial and hydrating Lactic acid. It also contains Niacinamide that helps to reduce melanin production and thus evens the skin tone further. 

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Environ Wins More Awards!

Friday, 10 June 2011 12:50:01 Europe/London

Award Winning Environ®!
Environ® has been recognized twice by prestigious monthly women’s magazine IMAGE, in their 2011 Beauty Awards, judged by a panel of independent skincare experts.
Environ Focus Frown Serum was named ‘Best for Wrinkles’ in the Serums category.  “This is an amazing brand ….Wearing this serum, you can feel it tingling and working straight away,” said holistic skincare therapist Anastasia Achilleos.
Environ AVST Eye Gel won the ‘Best for Lines’ in the Eye Creams category. “A winner for the texture alone. Plus, it’s loaded with vitamin A, the only ingredient that is proven to have a significant effect on wrinkles, which is a first for an eye product,” commented judge Dr Jane Mulrooney.
And if these accolades weren’t sufficient acclaim, Image beauty editor and C-Quence user, Liz Dwyer recently told us:
“This is the first time I have ever stuck with a skincare brand more than two months, so to be still using it nearly a year later is amazing!” 

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Zest Magazine - The Secret Skin Saboteur

Friday, 10 June 2011 12:38:53 Europe/London

Zest Magazine Review - June 2011

Repair sensitive skin with Colostrum Gel.  It is rich in anti-inflammatory agents to support the skin’s immune system and help your body produce healthy new skin cells.

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Patrick Holford - Feel Good Factor

Tuesday, 26 April 2011 10:29:20 Europe/London

Nutritional expert and creator of our Advanced Nutrition Programme™ line of supplements, Patrick Holford has been a regular guest on TV and radio recently, promoting his new book The Feel Good Factor. He’s been recommending some of the key nutrients that are important not only for mental and physical wellbeing skin but also for skin.


Patrick developed the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ specifically for beauty therapists to help clients achieve better results from topical skincare by better nourishing their bodies too.


High levels of depression in a population are associated with low consumption of fish, and oily fish in particular. These fish contain high levels of mood boosting omega 3. Patrick particularly recommended people enrich their diet with fish oil supplements, vitamin D, B-vitamins and chromium as nutrients that have effects in the brain which help us to feel happier.


Our Pro-Vitality Formula and Skin Vitality 2 supplements, contain all of these ingredients. “People who take these supplements report that they are happier both with their skin and within themselves,” says Advanced Nutrition Programme™ nutritional consultant Lorraine Perretta.

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Countdown to a Peachy Bum - Cosmo Magazine

Tuesday, 26 April 2011 10:21:39 Europe/London

Cosmopolitan Magazine review of Skin Omegas. Countdown to a Peachy Bum

"Taking Skin Omegas can reduce the appearance of cellulite." Part of the Advanced Nutrition Programme from Patrick Holford

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Emma Crosby (GMTV) reveals her beauty secrets

Tuesday, 26 April 2011 10:09:18 Europe/London

Emma Crosby reveals her beauty secrets ‘I’m addicted to Environ products, they’re great for sun damage. Since I’ve used them, people have commented on how good my skin is - so I love them’.

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Gloriously Glam at 70

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 14:25:58 Europe/London

jane iredale make-up has found pride of place in Gloria Hunniford’s personal make-up bag!

TV presenter Gloria was introduced to the amazing skin-enhancing benefits of jane iredale bases by her studio make-up artist Lyn Evans. Ever glamorous Gloria, aged 70, is still much in demand as a presenter.

She can be seen wearing her favourite mineral foundation as she champions consumer rights on BBC1’s current Rip Off Britain series. She told us, “What I love is that the make-up is very light in look and feel, yet is incredibly effective, which is great as you get older.

“I’m always looking for the minimum use with the maximum effect and the jane iredale PurePressed Base gives a wonderful result.”

The entire Jane Iredale Collection is available for you to buy from us!

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Environ Skin Analysis & Jane Iredale Makeover Days

Thursday, 20 January 2011 08:28:41 Europe/London


Chelleon held another successful Environ Skin Analysis & Jane Iredale Event. Thanks for all of your support.

We will be holding regular Environ & Jane Iredale events throughout the year. If you would like to come along to an event, please check our schedule and call us on 0161 972 0998 if you would like to book into one of the upcoming events.

29-Mar-2011 - Environ Skin Analysis - 11am - 6pm

30-Jun-2011 - Environ Skin Analysis - 12pm - 8pm

29-Sep-2011 - Environ Skin Analysis - 11am - 6pm

24-Nov-2011 - Environ Skin Anaylsis - 12pm - 8pm

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We appreciate your feedback on our service

Saturday, 15 January 2011 12:34:06 Europe/London

We would love to hear comments about our website, customer service or any suggestions you may have, so please do leave us a message!

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Environ Wins Award

Thursday, 13 January 2011 13:57:45 Europe/London

AVST 1 has won Stylist Magazine’s Product of the Year.  AVST 1 came top out of 1,000 products entered by 400 brands.

A fantastic achievement for Environ. Well done for winning with a great product that we at Chelleon have known about for years. Environ is the Best!

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Celebrity Users & Backstage Fashion

Wednesday, 12 January 2011 10:15:05 Europe/London

Backstage with butter LONDON: butter LONDON was the lacquer of choice at the following S/S 2011 shows:
Vena Cava, Alexander Wang, Jen Kao, Victoria Beckham, Christian Cota, Camilla Staerk, Yigal Azrouel, Whitney Port, Betsey Johnson, Imitation of Christ, Nicole Miller, and Calvin Klein.

Celebrity Fans: Kate Moss, Rihanna, Mandy Moore, Hilary Swank, Amy Adams, Kelly Osbourne, Heidi Klum, Daisy Lowe, Courtney Cox, and Miley Cyrus,


Trends for Spring/Summer 2011:
Says Nonie Creme, “There is a strong move toward ‘retro’ colours this season, with many designers looking at Halston era glamour and style. Although beige and greige nails were still a direction at some shows, consumers want to see something new and exciting on the shelves. butter LONDON’s S/S 2011 collection is all about “pops” of colour that feel unique and edgy but relevant – our trademark!” A painter’s palette of lacquers – Create your own masterpiece.

Soon you will be able to buy these fantastic new Butter London Additions!

BLAGGER Colour: Striking cobalt blue. Definition: A person with a silver tongue; a charlatan
HEN PARTY Colour: Sheer opal lacquer that is neutral and stunning alone and on-trend as an edgy overcoat on top of any shade.
Definition: British term for a bachelorette party.
TEDDY GIRL Colour: A pale retro bubblegum pink, featured on the catwalk of a top Brit designer for S/S 2011.
Definition: “Teddy Boys & Girls” was a youth culture movement in Britain typified by teens fighting, drinking, shagging, and fighting some more.
DOSH Colour: A molten apple green shot through with metallic gold.
Definition: British slang for money or cash. “Can I have a bit of dosh, love?”
LADY MUCK Colour: Powdery periwinkle blue, slightly on the grey side and infused with pearl pigment for a soft, sexy
Definition: A term for an arrogant, conceited woman; a snob.

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New Chelleon Website now launched

Thursday, 6 January 2011 08:43:07 Europe/London

Chelleon launches new Online website with lovely new products to buy.

We hope that you like the new website and all of the new features that we have added.

New product lines will be added every month, and we have launched with Environ, Jane Iredale, Butter London, Olivella, Erborian and Angelique, all avaiable to buy online.

Please do leave us any feedback you may have by clicking on the UserTrust logo at the bottom of any webpage, and we wish all our new and existing customers all the very best for 2011.

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Existing Users to Environ

Sunday, 12 December 2010 21:53:13 Europe/London

Existing users of Environ, Just call us directly on 0161 972 0998 to purchase the entire range of Environ products at competative prices, learn about new products and tips and as we always have stock, you can rest assured that we can deliver these to you any day of the week!

Please just call us on 0161 972 0998.

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New to Environ

Sunday, 12 December 2010 21:52:16 Europe/London

If you have never bought Environ before it is worth noting that it is a consultation based skincare regime. Please do not be put off by this as it is very important that you are prescribed the correct products for your specific type of skin/condition. Environ has over 80 products containing very high levels of Vitamins that you will not find on the beauty counters and this is the reason that it must be tailored specifically for each and every client.

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Unauthorised Environ Stockists

Sunday, 12 December 2010 21:51:11 Europe/London

A warning about unauthorised Environ Websites

In order to protect Environ users throughout the UK we feel it is necessary to warn customers about an unauthorised website that is selling Environ online. Due to lawyers who are currently in litigation with the persons involved we have had to remove the website name form this notice.


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