Image beauty editor and C-Quence user, Liz Dwyer

recently told us: 

“This is the first time I have ever stuck with a skincare brand more than two months, so to be still using it nearly a year later is amazing!” 

Country & House, June 2011

AVST Body Oil is one of June's must have products

Beauty Salon News, May 2011

Gorgeous Glow: 

The Environ Active Vitamin Treatment Facial enhances skin tone and leaves it with a firmer texture

Closer, 7th May 2011

Actress Gaynor Faye tells Closer her last 5 buys, one of which is Environ products: 

"I've been using Environ products for a few years now - they are really natural. I love their face moisturiser - it gives a good glow"

Irish News of the World, 1st May 2011

Emma Crosby mentions AVST Moisturiser as one of her skincare essentials

Image, Eire, May 2011

Image Beauty Awards 2011: 

AVST Eye Gel wins 'best for lines' in the Eye Creams category. "A winner for texture alone. Plus it's loaded with vitamin A, the only ingredient that is proven to have a significant effect on wrinkles, which is a first for an eye product" said judge Dr. Jane Mulrooney. 

Focus Frown Serum wins 'best for wrinkles' in the serums category. "This is an amazing brand created by a prominent South African plastic surgeon ... Wearing this serum you can feel tingling and working straight away" commented judge Anastasia Achilleos

Guild News, May 2011

Environ Skin Care has been introduced at the Sanctuary Spa, Convent Garden, as well as in their Boutique Spas. 

Olivia Davies, General Manager at the Sanctuary Spa, Convent Garden is delighted with the introduction of Environ and says "Through research we found that Vitamin A and antioxidants deliver results far superior to glycolic acid treatments. Therefore, we have chosen to move over to Environ Active Vitamin treatments as they are the best in treating ageing, pigmentation and scarring and will meet with our existing Skin Spa clienteles' needs and expectations"

Guild News, May 2011

Leading skin micro-needling specialist Dr. Matthias Aust talked about how the signs of ageing, sun damage, scars and stretch marks could be significantly improved through non-destructive micro-needling of the skin. 

Dr. Aust showed a series of images which demonstrated significant improvements in fine wrinkles, lax skin, scarring, burns and stretch marks treated with Environ Medical Roll-CIT to produce tighter, smoother skin. 

"Needling employs the body's natural response that, for the first time ever as far as we know, induces regeneration instead of scar formation and can be safely repeated until one gets the desired effects", said Dr. Aust. 

He added the only after-effects were redness similar to mild sunburn and a little swelling for a maximum of two days. The advantages of the needling are that there is no sun sensitivity, the epidermis remains intact, skin becomes thicker, dilated vessels improve, natural facial expression and personality are preserved (which is difficult with toxin injections and tight facelifts). 

Dr. Aust explained how individuals were prepared with topical Vitamin A and C creams for a minimum of 3 weeks pre-operatively to enhance the results.

Fabulous, News of the World Magazine, May 1st 2011

Emma Crosby says her miracle beauty product is "Environ AVST moisturiser. A make-up artist at work recommended it. It earns me compliments for my skin"

SHE, May 2011

AVST-1 is recommended for use on broken thread veins. It contains Vitamin A and C and actively boosts collagen and elastin

Look, April 2011

The Test Factor: Celebs' favourite facials 

Writer Hannah experienced an Environ Vitamin Treatment which Sadie Frost is a big fan. 'After my treatment, my skin looked amazing ... three days later I had beaten the blemishes and my skin looked better than ever'

Zest, April 2011

Skin behaving badly: Mood swing/stressed out 

The signs: Fine lines, slack skin, wrinkles getting more noticeable 

Skin school: Start up catching up on your sleep. Ad more fruit, vegetables, green tea and a Vitamin C supplement to your daily diet will beef up your body's antioxidant count, protecting skin against further damage from stress hormones. Try adding antioxidant rich products to your beauty regime too. Vitamins A, C and E, green tea and resveratrol are ingredients to look out for. 

Retail therapy: Environ AVST Hydrating Lotion

Celebs on Sunday, 10th April 2011

'Emma Crosby reveals her beauty secrets "I'm addicted to Environ products. They are great for sun damage. Since I've used them, people have commented on how good my skin is - so I love them"

Top Sante, April 2011

The Clear Skin Essentials 

AVST: Use a retinol night treatment. Don't apply a moisturiser that's too heavy. Opt for a cream or spot-fighting treatment with low levels of retinol - a form of vitamin A

Guild News, March 2011

Teenage Kicks 

The B-Active System for teenage skin problems from Environ is designed to effectively control problem and oily skin. B-Active products aim to address the key factors that cause problem skin, including a mild vitamin A deficiency and increased sebum production caused by hormonal imbalances. The range helps reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, dissolve whiteheads and blackheads, keep the skin surface slightly acidic to control the activity of bacteria, and treat breakouts when they occur. 

Within the range there are six products: 
- Sebutrol (pre-cleansing oil) 
- Sebuwash (facial wash) 
- Sebutone (toner) 
- Sebugel A (vitamin A oil balancing moisturiser) 
- Sebumask (to clear impurities and hydrate) 
- Sebuspot (spot treatment gel) 

All feature antiseptic Australian tea tree oil which is renowned for its skin healing properties. As clients' acne improves, you can gradually increase the levels of vitamin A by adding one of the Environ vitamin A and anti-oxidant moisturisers to their regime to boost the skin's natural assault on excessive oiliness

Good Housekeeping, March 2011

Leslie Kenton says "I have always taken care of my skin - thanks to a mother who, long before anyone worried about the sun, insisted I stay out of it. For the last 10 years I have mostly stuck to Environ skincare. They are not soft-feeling, sweet-smelling luxuries, but workhorses that get the job done better than anything else I have found so far. I use its AVST-5, its C-Quence range and its RollCit skin roller device

Guild News, February 2011

Cutting Edge Skincare 
Environ Skin Care has been using multiple results-focused ingredients for some time in its Ionzyme C-Quence range of facial creams and eye gels. 

Dairy colostrum provide growth factors alongside the latest generation of pentapeptide ingredients such as Argirelene, Matrixyl and Dermaxyl, which work in synergy with vitamin A, C and E to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, particularly around the eye area, and help prevent new lines from forming. 

More recently Environ has added a serum to the Ionzyme range with an innovative combination of peptides Argireline, Leuphasyl and Vialox, which is achieving impressive frown line reducing results. 

"Our latest Environ products include ingredients like low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which is the most easily absorbed form, colostrum for its high concentration of growth and immune factors, resveratrol for its antioxidant, anti-ageing properties. We also use a number of useful pentapeptides which enhance the results of established cosmeceutical ingredients such as vitamin A and C" explains Tracy Tamaris, training director at the International Institute of Anti-Ageing. 

The Environ Focus Frown Serum targets the chemical complexes and wrinkle forming mechanisms around the eye areas. The unique formulation softens muscle activity, giving visible results within weeks, minimising even deep frown lines and smile lines at the sides of the eyes. 

Focus Hydrating Serum features low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to plump dehydrated or aged skin.

Guild News, January 2011

AVST, Environ's skin enhancing, vitamin-packed cream, has won over the expert judges at Stylist Magazine, who named it "Product of the Year" at their inaugural Skincare Awards 

From 1,000 products entered by 400 brands, beauty experts, top facialists and readers had voted to choose the 24 most essential products in skin care

Top Sante, December 2010

6 of the best: Update your skin routine with our pick of the A-Grade products: 

Environ AVST-1. Beauty insiders swear by this skin strengthening cream. Use it with a serum for extra benfits

Elle, December 2010

Elle Beauty Awards 2010: 

Sarah Champan, facialist says "Environ introduced me to cosmeceutical skincare while we were all still talking about botanicals. Because of Environ, I started to understand what amazing results could be achieved from high-strength vitamin A ingredients and powerful actives. This led me to more technical skin treatments and proved that I could achieve results on cane and other skin issues"

Guild News, December 2010

Environ has launched a new AVST Body Oil which is aimed at keeping skin in great condition from top to toe 

AVST Body Oil is a very fine oil, containing high doses of vitamins A, C and E, ingredients that fight the signs of sun damage and ageing and improve firmness and hydration 

The nourishing moisturising oil is formulated to improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce body scars and tighten lax body skin 

It is ideal for smoothing a crepey decollatage, tightening slack 'bingo wings' and minimising the appearance of stretch marks commonly caused by weight gain or pregnancy

Guild News, November 2010

South African mag comments Environ: 

Environ's Ionzyme Focus Frown Serum has won the Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review magazine's New Product Competition

Elle, November 2010

Skincare's best kept secrets 
With her long, flowing locks, cute smocks and magic fingers, Anastasia Achilleos is often described as a flower child of facialists. Sp why is this skincare guru, whose passion for natural ingredients so intense that she imports £90 Halal-certified exfoliators from Australia, advocating the use of one of the most chemically active skincare brands around? 

"I resisted for ages but when I was choosing the products for the spa (The Method Spa, London's Home House where the clientele includes Kate Moss), I realised we had some great brands, but nothing that could really go deep. AVST gets right down into the deepest layers of the skin and will help with wrinkles as well as sun damage! 

AVST .... is loved by of London's big-name facialists, as well as beauty editors and pretty much anyone who's stumbled across it. 

I try it out and within a fortnight I am hooked. That's a month short of the recommended try-time for any new skincare product ... 
Annabel Meggeson 

Natural Health, October 2010

6 of the boost goodies for your eyes: 

Environ AVST Eye Gel: The peptides in this serum gives a firmer look to the area around your eyes

Guild News, October 2010

Actress and fashion designer, Sadie Frost, has spoken out about her love for Environ skin care products. 

After using the South African brand's Ionzyme C-Quence range and having regular facials, she said "Environ products are amazing. I first discovered them 10 years ago and I loved them, but my beauty therapist moved away so I changed by daily routine" 

"I am so pleased I have rediscovered them! I have noticed a difference and low the fact that there is a wealth of products and information on bettering my skin. Everyone is commenting on how great my skin looks - I am 100% happy"

Environ has featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmo and Hello, to mention just a few publications and stars such as Madonna, Kelly Preston and Elle Mcphereson are all raving about the range 

Kate Moss and Stella McCartney are Environ fans

"A friend tells me she's never seen my skin looking better and asks if I am wearing foundation. No, as it happens. A persistent dry patch on the bridge of my nose feels smooth for the first time in years ... the general verdict is that I glow"

Top Sante, September 2010

Skin Capsules: These intensive moisturisers will leave your skin plump and glowing 

Perfect for wrinkle prevention: Environ Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules. Instead of night cream, try this heady cocktail of youth boosters, including vitamin A to help prevent future wrinkles, and green tea extract, an antioxidant with protective properties. 

Fiona: "According to dermatologists, vitamin A is proven to improve the look of fine lines, so I was pleased to see this had a concentrated dose" 

Helen: "After just a few applications my friends complimented me on how healthy and glowing my skin looked" 

Hello, 19th July 2010

"The foundation of great summer skincare lies in two things: wearing sunscreen and using antioxidant - and vitamin A-rich serums to help protect skin and reverse any sun damage" says Dr Des Fernandes, the South African cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who pioneered the use of vitamin A in skincare. 

He recommends a cocktail of protecting and repairing ingredients including vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10 and carotenoids which increase the levels of vitamin A in the skin. 

"Vitamin C in particular is quite a good way to protect the skin from the sun because it disarms the free radicals that form when skin is exposed to the sun" he says. "It also has a relatively long life within the skin, which means you can put it on the night before and get the benefits for the whole of the next day".

Skincare secret weapons: Ionzyme C-Quence 1. Famous fans include Sienna Miller and Naomi Watts

Vitality, April/May 2010

Product of the week: AVST Hydrating Lotion. 

Dry skin is calling out for the benefits of AVST Hydrating Lotion ... It helps to address dry, rough body skin, including the feet, elbows and knees, leaving it smooth and soft. 

This product hydrates the skin by compacting the outer layer and thereby helping it to retain its natural moisture. 

AVST Hydrating Lotion is a neutralised lactic acid based body lotion containing medium levels of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that are safe, gentle and non-toxic and has a pH adjusted for optimal effectiveness. It works by assisting the natural exfoliating function, leading to clearer skin with greater resilience and a finer texture. It helps to soften and smooth the body skin, while improving moisture content. 

As well as working wonders on flaky, coarse and sun-damaged skin, AVST Hydrating Lotion can also help prevent ingrown hairs. 

Uneven pigmentation problems may also benefit. The formation is such that the surface of the protective 'horny' layer is maintained and acts like a natural skin lightener, minimising the production of melanin for an even tone.

Professional Beauty, April 2010

A breakthrough for parched and lined skin 

Always at the forefront of innovative skincare, Environ is launching Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum, a light but highly concentrated moisturising serum to treat dry skin, fine lines and photo-damaged skin. Even within a few days from the first application, the skin is noticeably more hydrated and feels plumped up.

Beauty Guild

AVST, Environ's skin enhancing, vitamin-packed cream, has won over the expert judges at Stylist magazine, who named it Product of the Year in the Stylist Skincare Awards 

From 1,000 products entered by 400 brands, beauty experts, top facialists and readers had voted to choose the 24 most-essential products in skincare 

Stylist said: "It's not new, but leading facialists and Stylist's beauty team love this lotion's core offering of vitamin A and antioxidants, and its ability to enhance the skin of people who've tried everything else." 

AVST 1 is one of five daily facial moisturisers within the AVST (Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy) range, containing progressively higher levels of skin normalising ingredient vitamin A, plus other active ingredients to promote healthy, radiant skin at any age. The potent AVST approach combines vitamin A with penta-peptides, powerful antioxidants and plant flavonoids, such as resveratrol. Together these protect, restore and assist the skin to repair and maintain itself. 

Hello Magazine

Fans of Environ® Ionzyme Vitami Enriched C-Quence 1 include Sienna Miller and Naomi Watts


I absolutely swear by Ionzyme® C-Quence Eye Gel. It's very light, yet delivers a mega dose of peptides and young-skin essentials Vitamins A, C and E", Alessandra Steinherr,


"The first step has been finding a skincare range that I love. Power facialist Anastacia Achilleos introduced me to Environ® and I haven't looked back", Annabel Meggeson 

"Ionzyme C-Quence 3 Creme fights off wrinkles and makes my complexion looks 26 years old again" 

"This is an ingenious tool [Focus-CIT]. Environ®'s small handheld device has barely visible needles at the head, which are used to create tiny holes in your skin. It's almost pain free but you might feel small pricking sensations around the nose and eyes. Used in conjunction with Environ® Ionzyme Focus Frown Serum, the process works like Botox. The serum contains a trio of ingredients, including Argireline which works to block the receptors that cause your muscles to contract ... By opening up the pores you enable the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin" 
Result: Far less invasive than Botox but rather than being instant, you should notice results in 2-3 weeks 

The Index

"I used Environ® Hydrating Oil Capsules after a holiday when my skin was feeling parched. It was easily absorbed ... and I felt my skin benefited from the concentrated dose of moisture", Jane Dale

Natural Health

“I love the Environ® Range. I've used their products for a long time", Leslie Kenton, Writer, Broadcaster and File-Maker 

"I'm a big fan of Environ products for my face. They're based on scientific principles rather than pretty packaging and are just about the best I've ever used" 

Marie Claire

Actress Sadie Frost let me in on the secret of her glowing skin: "A beautician introduced me to Environ creams from South Africa. They are fantastic and not too expensive. They feed and plump the skin. After just one month my skin felt firmer and smoother. Kate Moss and I are completely hooked"

Sunday Mirror, Personal

Gorgeous Kelly Preston, star of Jerry Maguire, puts her glowing skin down to regular pampering with the Environ antioxidant range. The packaging my look high tech but the ingredients are all natural

Sunday Times Style Magazine

"My skin immediately looked radiant and plumper and my wrinkles were less prominent. The more Environ facial sessions I had, the longer the effects lasted"


Environ is among TV presenter Beverley Turner's favourite things: "After spending some years trying every skincare fad under the sun, it's nice to find something that isn't ridiculously expensive and that works"

Sky TV: Angela and Friends

Newby Hands, Beauty Director of Harpers Bazaar Magazine showed actress and presenter Angela Griffin just how painless the micro-needling method is by lightly rolling her hand ... She explained how such treatments used only to be done my professionals such as dermatologists but could now be used by people at home to plump skin and reduce wrinkles on the face, neck or hands. 

Research has shown that the temporary openings created by micro-needling increase the amount of large molecules that can penetrated through the skin by 10,000-fold, compared with simply applying the preparation to the surface. The process creates access for the beneficial ingredients directly into the active layers of the skin. The effect of the vitamins and peptides is to promote natural production of collagen and healthy cell growth" 

Area Magazine

"Many celebrities are raving about the AVST range and it really does seem to work"

Fabulous Magazine

"Surgical fillers like Restylane are packed with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, which attracts the water in your skin and hangs on to it for dear life. Environ's new serum is also loaded with moisture-magnet hyaluronic acid to perk up parched or lined complexion in days" 

"My skin gets dehydrated because I don't sleep much with four kids - I get five hours then, ding-dong, I have to get up and do loads of crazy things. Environ Ionzyme Vitamin Enriched Face Cream makes my skin look lovely and dewy, regardless of how tired I am" , Sadie Frost 

Strictly Come Dancing Take Two presenter Claudia Winkleman gave a glowing endorsement when she told Sunday newspaper supplement Fabulous: 

"I have the best skincare secret, which a friend told me about after getting advice from a top surgeon. The only face cream to use is a product called Environ" 

Claudia's revelation comes hot on the heels of other recent testimonials in the media to the effects of Environ products from supermodel Elle Mcphereson, as well as actress Naomi Watts and Jaimie Murray 

Elle reports that she uses Environ because she thinks the most important thing is skin texture - having hydrated skin that glows. She said, "I discovered this range while at home in Australia. My skin has never looked or felt better since I started using it" 

So 2009: Botox-filled needles 
So now: The new at-home pinprick wrinkle-buster 
The thought of micro-needles plus your face might sound more ouchee than wowee, but it's actually pain-free. Environ® Focus-CIT is a tiny hand-held facial 'stamper' with 15 micro-needles. Trust us, it's not a torture device! Battery and plug-free, you simply press it across lines and wrinkles using a light stamping action. The needles prick skin very gently to open up pores so your moisturiser can penetrate into the deepest layers of skin. 


Our volunteer Jane is 40. She says sun-loving has been her down fall and has only been covering her face for the last couple of years. She is concerned about wrinkles around her eyes, mouth and neck. The idea of Botox is a bit scary, especially as she loves to laugh and laughing does not go hand in hand with Botox 

After using Cosmetic Roll-CIT, Janet claims she can see a real difference in her skin. She says open pores have now closed, and thin red veins had started appearing on her nose have disappeared too. She says lines around her eyes have gone too and there's been a general improvement in the feel and look of her skin 

Marie Claire

"Pentapeptides fight fine lines, Environ Ionzyme C-Quence 1" 


Her relaxing treat ... She unwinds with an ultimate Environ facial at LA's Ona Spa", Hilary Swank

Plastic Surgery Products Magazine

"Environ's Body Profile is a body sculpting gel that is formulated to smoothen, tighten and condition the skin. It contains ingredients to help reduce the orange peel effect seen on the thighs, upper arms and abdomen"

Daily Mail, Lifestyle

"I use moisturiser, eye cream and sunscreen by Environ, a South African brand ... Environ Ionzyme and Moisturiser is great because it's a moisturiser and serum in one", Naomi Watts

The Sunday Telegraph - The A List

"The Environ vitamin treatment is great for acne and brilliant before a party" 


"Skin needs just as much protection in the snow as in the sun" says Kathy Phillips, and lists Environ RAD Sunscreen on her Skier's Ultimate Shopping List 
The Environ® brand was named as a key brand offering formulations which provide gold standard skincare and as “the best nationwide chain” for great facials

The Cosmetic Roll-CIT was also referred to as “one of the best home-use rollers” to increase absorption and efficiency of products through micro-needling 


Fitness guru to the stars, Nicki Waterman, shares her health and beauty secrets: "I now only use one brand called Environ. It's a South African brand and it's the best. It's all I ever use on my skin"

Your Magazine

AVST Eye Gel gained 5 out of 5 in a reader trial

Sun damage SOS: Overdone the sunshine this summer? It's not too late to repair the damage, Anjana Gosai

Wrinkles and sagging: Retinol, peptides and antioxidants are the super-heros of skincare and help fight skincare. Retinols stimulate cell turnover, peptides boost collagen production and antioxidants guard skin against environmental stress 

Lack lustre skin: Overexposure to the sun leads to a build-up of dry skin cells, which can clog the pores and activate pigment production. Periodic use of a moisturiser containing AHAs promotes exfoliation and is ideal for treating rough and dull skin. Try Environ's Alpha-Cream Mild 

10 years younger

The show's make-up artist Lisa Eldridge said "I can honestly say it was one of the best results -I've had heading up the non-surgical aspects of the show. Everyone said that Bev was actually glowing at her final reveal with the skin of women half her age - I was so impressed"

Mail Online

When Emma Crosby jetted off to New York fresh-faced and make-up free earlier this week, she left onlookers at Heathrow wondering what the secret was to her glowing skin. The Mail Online can reveal earlier in the day, the GMTV star visited Paul Edmonds salon for an Environ® facial. Environ® is a South African brand which promises to boost skin using natural vitamins and antioxidants. Boasting celebrity fans such as Elle Macphereson and Naomi Watts, we put the wonder treatment to the test 
Result: I was amazed at how refreshed my skin feels ... and we were only halfway through ... Emerging from the salon, Emma raved about the immediate results. As I look in the mirror I realise that although my make-up has come off, i feel no desire to apply more