A warning about unauthorised Environ Websites

In order to protect Environ users throughout the UK we feel it is necessary to warn customers about an unauthorised website that is selling Environ online. Due to Environ.co.za lawyers who are currently in litigation with the persons involved we have had to remove the website name form this notice.



The website is -www.touxxxxxxxcare.co.uk-

Points to note.

Being unauthorised, Environ do not supply xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with Environ products, therefore Environ South Africa do not sell to these parties and so we cannot assure the authenticity or condition of any EnvironÆ products that they claim to sell. See www.environ.co.za for more information.

The distributor for Environ in the UK, Wholeview Ltd (020 8450 2020) has reported xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to the Trading Standards due to numerous complaints they have received from customers of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, that have not received any goods that they have paid for.

Environ UK have successfully obtained a high court judgment to prevent the sale of goods pertaining to be Environ.

Points worth noting about unauthorised stockists. Like any online scam, before purchasing anything online, it is worth checking these details before entering your card details.

Check that there is a telephone number, address and company registration number on the website, call the number and verify this for yourself. Toucxxxxxxcare has no contact details, address or legal company number listed anywhere on the site.

CUSTOMS & EXCISE - If any products are shipped from outside the EU, you will be liable to pay Import Duty and VAT on any order you make. Customs may seize any parcel arriving in the UK and you will then be liable for any penalties deemed appropriate. For more information regarding Internet Shopping please follow the Government link. HM Revenue & Customs.